Services & Pricing

At Hands on Barrington Massage, we offer our clients the following services:

60 Minute New Client$75.00
30 Minute Therapeutic Massage$51.75
45 Minute Therapeutic Massage$75.00
60 Minute Therapeutic Massage$90.00
90 Minute Therapeutic Massage$120.00
60 Minute Hot Stone Massage$100.00
90 Minute Hot Stone Massage$130.00
60 Minute Pregnancy Therapeutic Massage$90.00
60 Minute Cupping Session$95.00
90 Minute Cupping Session$130.00

Prices include HST.

**Please note, during the summer months, we will not be offering Hot Stone Treatments. We will begin offering these treatments again in the fall.**

Late Policy:

If you are a first time client at Hands On Barrington, we do ask that you show up approximately ten minutes early so that we can get your paper work filled out and any insurance claims processed.

In the event that you are late, your therapist will still give you a treatment for the remainder of your appointment time, but you will be charged for the entirety of the appointment.

We understand that things come up and they may cause you to be late, so if given enough notice we can alter your appointment time. If no notice is given though, it is not the responsibility of the therapist to give you extra time on the massage table.

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