Meet Our Staff

Stephen Head Owner, RMT, BA.
Licensed Member of MTANS 

Stephen came to Halifax after finishing his degree in sociology from Cape Breton University. After a number of years working in the restaurant industry, he decided to change directions, and enrolled in Massage Therapy at Eastern College.

During his time in school, he excelled in his studies, and received the Director’s Award for his graduating class. After graduating, he found an interest in working on issues involving the appendicular skeletal system (arms/hands; legs/feet), such as frozen shoulder, carpel tunnel, and plantar fasciitis. He has also gained experience in pregnancy, postural issues, and TMJ work.

Through his time as a therapist, Stephen has also become an advocate for using massage therapy with clients who have undergone trauma in their life, as part of their recovery. With the collaboration of the client’s psychologist, Stephen has used massage to allow these clients to retrain their mind and body so that they can associate touch as more therapeutic, and less with a negative or trauma inducing memory.

Stephen enjoys getting to know his clients over time, but does allow for a quiet and peaceful treatment if the client prefers no conversation during their massage. And while he can give a relaxation focused treatment when requested, he prefers to use deeper pressure and more therapeutic based techniques.

Sarah Martin RMT
Licensed Member of MTANS 

Sarah got her start in Massage Therapy in 2006 when she graduated from ICT Northumberland. Since then, Sarah has worked as a massage therapist in various settings including spas and with Goodlife. She joined the Bodymends team in 2013 and has been a reliable staff member who clients have grown attached to. When she learned that Bodymends would be closing and Stephen would be taking over, Sarah jumped right on board to make sure Hands on Barrington got the start it deserved.

Sarah enjoys a wide variety of treatments and likes to incorporate trigger point therapy as well as sports massage into her treatments whenever available. She is trained in hot stone therapy, kinesio taping and suikodo techniques. She also enjoys getting to know her clients and sharing a laugh during their treatment.

She is an asset to the Hands on Barrington team and all of her clients both current and future will agree.

Jordan Raftus RMT, BSc.
Licensed Member of MTANS

Jordan Graduated with Honours in 2016 from Eastern College’s intensive, 2200 hour Massage Therapy Program. He has since spent time learning new techniques, such as cupping, and researching physiological behaviours and dysfunctions of the body, all while honing in on the best application of therapeutic massage.

He has worked with a variety of cases in the public: from daily issues of headaches and poor posture, to chronic types of dysfunctions like scars, Scoliosis, and Adhesive Capsulitis (Frozen Shoulder). His treatment style tends to be specific with moderate to deeper pressure, working with muscle activation/inhibition, and incorporation of [myo]fascial techniques.

Taking a holistic approach to Massage Therapy is Jordan’s preferred way of treating. Through appropriate testing, specific therapeutic massage, and accompanied home-care, he believes he can provide a long-term solution to a multitude of dysfunctions.