Meet Our Staff

Stephen Head RMT, Owner
Licensed Member of MTANS 

Hi there, my name is Stephen Head and I’m proud to be the owner of Hands on Barrington Massage. I have been a practicing RMT since the summer of 2016, and in that short amount of time, I have grown as a therapist and definitely have found what I was meant to do.

Having a background in sociology, I enjoy getting to know my clients and working with them to figure out how to get them feeling their best. As a therapist, I tend to work with deeper pressure, but I’m also known for my amazing scalp and foot massages.

I have also had experience with clients who live with MS, diabetes, cancer remission, osteoporosis, plantar fasciitis, TMJ issues, etc.

In April of 2018, I completed the DONA approved Birth Doula Workshop and now offering services as a birth doula. If you or a loved one are expecting and would like to have a doula involved in your birth, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


Sarah Martin RMT
Licensed Member of MTANS 

Sarah got her start in Massage Therapy in 2006 when she graduated from ICT Northumberland. Since then, Sarah has worked as a massage therapist in various settings including spas and with Goodlife. She joined the Bodymends team in 2013 and has been a reliable staff member who clients have grown attached to. When she learned that Bodymends would be closing and Stephen would be taking over, Sarah jumped right on board to make sure Hands on Barrington got the start it deserved.

Sarah enjoys a wide variety of treatments and likes to incorporate trigger point therapy as well as sports massage into her treatments whenever available. She is trained in hot stone therapy, kinesio taping and suikodo techniques. She also enjoys getting to know her clients and sharing a laugh during their treatment.

She is an asset to the Hands on Barrington team and all of her clients both current and future will agree.


Jordan Raftus RMT, BSc.
Licensed Member of MTANS

Jordan Graduated with Honours in 2016 from Eastern College’s intensive, 2200 hour Massage Therapy Program. He has since spent time learning new techniques, such as cupping, and researching physiological behaviours and dysfunctions of the body, all while honing in on the best application of therapeutic massage.

He has worked with a variety of cases in the public: from daily issues of headaches and poor posture, to chronic types of dysfunctions like scars, Scoliosis, and Adhesive Capsulitis (Frozen Shoulder). His treatment style tends to be specific with moderate to deeper pressure, working with muscle activation/inhibition, and incorporation of [myo]fascial techniques.

Taking a holistic approach to Massage Therapy is Jordan’s preferred way of treating. Through appropriate testing, specific therapeutic massage, and accompanied home-care, he believes he can provide a long-term solution to a multitude of dysfunctions.